Snake River Falls – Valentine, Nebraska

snake river falls.jpgSnake River Falls, Valentie, Nebraska

This area, around Valentine, is the only area that is right for rafting. This is the only paddling stretch along Snake River.

The river is beautiful, running through the area allowing you to truly enjoy the beauty of Nebraska.  Although the rafting opportunity is rather short, you will enjoy seeing the falls and all the wildlife along the river.

Summer at Snake River comes with high temperatures in the 80’s. Once the sun is down it dips down to the 50’s. Through the wintertime the highs are typically in the 30’s while the cold winter nights at Snake River are in the 0’s. Snake River Falls is an inspiring place to stop by while you’re here.
Snake River is a location that is pretty dehydrated generally; June is when you get the most rain here, and January on the other hand is the driest.

Location: 23 mi. S.W. on NE Hwy 97 from Valentine, Nebraska

Open year-round, 8am-5pm.

Admission: $1 adults, $0.75 children under 18.