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Houston House NebraskaBurt County MuseumTekamah, Nebraska

Tucked in the northeast part of the state is the community of Tekamah with its proud history and willingness to share the story with the rest of the world.  Here you will have the pleasure of visiting the E.C. Houston House, the C.D. Houston House, the Nolana one-room schoolhouse and annex, and stroll across the Folsom Park Footbridge between the two homes of the Houston brothers.  There is also the opportunity to enjoy the goldfish pond, tumbling waterfalls and see the wide variety of plants and shrubbery.

The former home of E.C. Houston is the home of the Burt County Museum.  The 1904 fourteen room home incorporates the Neo-Classic Revival details in its porches, door and window openings, leaded glass windows and cornices.  The stately home is a true classical showcase of the homes of the era.  The house was added to the National and State Registry of Historic places.  Along with the exterior beauty you will be able to enjoy the beautiful woodwork and grand stature along with the artifacts which have been gathered from the Burt County area such as the early 1700’s painting of the Last Supper, Civil War memorabilia and a sodbusting plow.

The lower level of the house displays many of the professional tools and farming equipment used to work the area in the years gone past.  Up on the third floor is a ballroom which allows visitors a first hand view of the social atmosphere of the early 1900’s time period where the third floor of many homes was created for a ballroom.  (without an elevator to get guests there it would be unlikely that today’s residents would put a ballroom on the third floor!)

The C.D. Houston house is the museum annex and is located east of the E.C. Houston House (which is why there is the delightful bridge for you to cross).  Although this house isn’t as grand as the other it still hosts beautiful woodwork and hardwood floors.  This 1906 home becomes the setting of special displays of the museum.

The Nolana schoolhouse which was constructed in 1903 is also located on the museum grounds.  It is equipped with slate chalkboards, wooden desk with ink wells, recitation bench, and many other articles from the days of the one room schoolhouse.

Location: Highway 75, 319 North 13th St., Tekamah, NE 68061-0125

Hours: Open 1-5 Tues., Thurs, and Sat. or by appointment for larger groups. 

Parking: Ample parking is available

Phone: 402-374-1505

Admission: Free to individuals and small groups.  Donations accepted.

Email: burtcomuseum@huntel.net


  1. mattie holden says:

    I am in need of some help. My great great grandfather was in the civil war. I was given the only known copy of his journal that he wrote before, during and after the war. I also found out that he was a quartermaster and attended meetings and kept notes. I have a lot of these notes. I have names and dates and lists of those that were wounded and killed. Alot of these pages are fading because of there age and time. I am in hopes that you can help me preserve these or direct me to some one that can. I do not want to looses these as they are not only a peice of history, but also a part of my family history.

    Thank you for your time
    Mattie Holden

  2. Dear Mattie,
    Thank you for contacting http://www.nebraskabeautiful.com with your information. I have passed it on to the Burt County Museum directly and requested that they contact you and help you with your answers.

    What a kind and thoughtful thing for you to want to contribute to the historical knowledge for generations to come.

    Pat Watson

  3. Kathryn Colacicco says:

    I was told that my great grandparents worked at the Opera House in the 1880’s. I know that it was destroyed in 1904 by a tornado. I remember seeing pictures of the tornado that my grandmother had. If there is a way, please let me know if Jacob E. Cole and Sarah J Cole worked at the Opera house. I was told Sarah made costumes. Anything you might have would be wonderful. Thank you for your time.

  4. Susan Severson says:

    My Grandfather’s name was Charles Eckley, he was married to Ila Frank. They had five sons and one daughter. My father was Richard Eckley. My father passed away about 40 years ago. I was wondering if you have any information on his parents? My father was a concert pianist and his mother was musically gifted also, I believe she played the Violin. Thank you for any info you can give me. Sincerely, Susan Severson